My Wellest Trip - Your preferred Community to travel and invest property around the world.

Planning about investing in real estate, either in Malaysia or other selected nations? And also considering plan wellness tourism to your property tour as well?

Choose us! We are a platfrom in serving as your top choice for wellness tourism and property tour, which providing a wide range of services to meet your needs!

We Are a part of IQI Realty team which provide MM2H and Global Property Project for Foreigner, We collaborate with Travel Agencies, MM2H med card agencies , MM2H services agencies , and Wellness companies!

Our Services 

Why Choose Us


Partnering with appropriate real estate agencies and service providers is crucial when considering migrating to Malaysia to ensure your needs are met.

Our platform extends beyond simply being a real estate agency for MM2H (Malaysia My Second Home) Properties and international investment properties. We work together with different organizations, which include:

1. International Medical Card Agencies must be obtained by the MM2H client.

2. Travel agencies in Malaysia currently provide services for wellness and business exploration, as well as educational options. We are open to partnering with travel agencies from all around the world.

3. Agencies for MM2H clients looking to move to Malaysia.

4. Foreign Migration Services, staffed by global agents who focus on projects around the world, help clients connect with relevant migration service organizations.

5.Luxury Wellness Tourism and Yacht Companies offer opulent travel experiences to individuals looking to invest in property in Malaysia.

Our platform is open to working together with different international sectors. We provide full solutions to help you with your moving and investing in Malaysia, thanks to our wide range of partners.

In My Wellest Trip , We Not just provide you above service , but we also ensure you have a luxury , healthy , and joyful trip during plan to migrate to Malaysia ( Our main projects and agents located here) or oversea  ( We have international agents which can service you anytime).

We not just sell our project in Malaysia , but globally:

We not just sell Malaysia Projects, but also sell international project such as below : ⬇️